Nieman Reports

Special Issue 1990

The Emerging Press In Eastern Europe

Cover for Special Issue 1990

“What has happened since the July conference”
“List of Prague conference participants”
“Origins of the conference”
“Fair and aggressive reporting”
“Vaclav Havel’s admonition on responsibility”
“Ben Bradlee on press-government conflicts
“Print journalism as a business”
“Press Secretary Zantovsky on jailing journalists”
“Television as a business”
“The international economy’s impact on press”
“Political reporting and politics of change”
“The emerging press—possibilities and limitations”
“Role of the U.S. press—possibilities and limitations
“Doug Marlette on art and artifice of cartoons”
“Summary of conference”
“Bratislava Journalists’ Meeting”

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Bill Kovach
Robert Phelps
Business Manager
Carol Knell

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