Nieman Reports

Fall - Winter 1975

Focus on South Africa

Cover for Fall - Winter 1975

“Editorial: Why South Africa?”
“News: Type and/or Tube” by William Leonard and Richard Wald
Section I—Focus on South Africa
“The Practice of Journalism” by Benjamin Pogrund
“The Plight of the Press” by John Corr
“Inside a Land of Oppression”
“Transkei Charade” by James Thomson
“The Political Logjam” by Gatsha Buthelezi
“U.S. and Angola” by Percy Qoboza
Section II—Focus Elsewhere
“Canada: A Strange Case of Libel” by Stuart Keate
“India: Aspects of Democratic Order” by Ranjan Gupta
“USSR: A Press Like Ours?” by H. Brandt Ayers
“International—Newsweek v. Newsweek” by William H. Read
“United States—A Reporter’s Reflections on America” by Richard L. Strout
“Media Responsibility for Economic Literacy” by Louis Banks
“J-Schools: A Nouveau Riche Environment?” by Ronald T. Farrar

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman
Circulation Manager
Carol H. Terzian

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