Nieman Reports

Fall 1991

What's Right, What's Wrong About Economic Coverage

Cover for Fall 1991

“The Major Need: Commitment” by William Neikirk
“Can Big Stories Be Told?” by Joseph L. Bower
“The Local Global Story” by John Maxwell Hamilton
“Public TV’s Answer: Explain” by Paul Solman
“Economics 101 for Journalists” by David Warsh
“Cheering On the Scoundrels” by Richard E. Cheney
“Analysis Pays Less” by James T. Hamilton
“The Pro-Corporate Tilt” by Morton Mintz
“A German View: U.S. Myopia” by Dieter Bubl
“A Japanese View: Beyond Facts” by Kazutami Yamazaki
Other Features
“Death of The Ten O’Clock News” by Christopher Lydon
“James Reston’s Memoirs” by James M. Naughton
“Africa and Central Europe — Excerpts From Conference”

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