Nieman Reports

Fall 1984

Out Of The Press

Cover for Fall 1984

“Out of the Press” by Tenney B. K. Lehman
“The Power and the Press” by Eric Sevareid
“Hazards on the Way to Glitter” by Bruce D. Butterfield
“South Africa: Modernizing the Apartheid State” by Ivor Wilkins
“Standing Up for Them” by William L. Dulaney
“New Times, Old Values” by Donald E. Graham
“Conflicts of Interest: A Matter of Journalistic Ethics” by Charles W. Bailey
“South Korea and a Sentimental Journey” by William Block
“SPECIAL SECTION: Anniversary at Twenty”
“E. W. Scripps: Self-Proclaimed Revolutionary” by William J. Miller

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Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Consulting Editor
Nancy Day
Editorial Assistant
Elizabeth Tibbitts
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Jan Morgan
Cover Photograph
Harvest time at Pilgrim Village, Plimoth Plantation, an authentic reconstruction of the first settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1620. Photograph by Thomas H. Lehman.

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