Nieman Reports

Fall 1979

Games Presidents Play

Cover for Fall 1979

“IPI: A Weather Report” by Tenney K. Lehman
“Games Presidents Play: Covering The White House” by Frank Van Riper
“The Public Counsel” by Tom Wicker
“A Free and Open Encounter in Guyana?” by Christopher A. Nascimento
“Journalism: The Necessary Craft” by Ron Javers
“A Rather Simple Doctrine: Freedom of the Press in America” by Robert W. Greene
“Memo to the Press” by Clark Mollenhoff
“Exodus, Indian Style” by V. V. Eswaran
“The Candy Dish Caper” by Edward C. Norton
“Prescription for Medical Reporters” by George Berkley
“A Philadelphia Story” by Mark Seltzer

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Tenney K. Lehman
Editorial Assistants
Kettee J. Boling and Daphne B. Noyes
Janice Morgan
James C. Thomson Jr.

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