Nieman Reports

Fall 1976

Whales and Minnows

Cover for Fall 1976

“Guest Editorial: Eureka! Free at Last to Be A Jimmy, a Real Jimmy!” by Jimmy Thomson
“Whales and Minnows” by Nicholas Daniloff
“TV Techniques: The 1976 Presidential Election” by Lee Winfrey
“On Joining the Government (Part II)” by Joseph A. Loftus
“Peter Lisagor, 1915-1976”
“Freedom for What? (Hutchins Commission abstract)”
“A Free and Responsible Press” by Louis M. Lyons
“An Apology for Barbara” by Edward C. Norton
“Some Misconceptions About South Africa” by Hennie van Deventer
“The Missing Nieman” by William Montalbano

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman

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