Nieman Reports

Fall 1963

The Publishers and the Teamsters

Cover for Fall 1963

“No Effective Forum” by Fred Zimmerman
“The Publishers and the Teamsters” by Murray Seeger
“Musings of an Ex-Education Writer” by Ford W. Cleere
“Why Newspapering Is Not Attracting More Young People” by O. W. Riegel
“Our Class-Conscious Women’s Magazines” by Robert E. Doherty
“Free Press vs. Fair Trial” by Hubert L. Will
“Postscript to PM” by Ralph McA. Ingersoll
“Fears for the Press in Africa” by Tom Hopkinson
“Asia Faces A Newspaper Revolution” by Tarzie Vittachi
“Asia’s Free Daily Newspapers” by Albert Ravenholt
“Mexico: ‘Neutralist’ Neighbor” by John C. Merrill

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