Nieman Reports

Fall 1961

The Press Lives by Disclosures

Cover for Fall 1961

“Trial by Newspaper: The Supreme Court Rebukes the Press”
“The Press in the Cuban Fiasco” by Dom Bonafede
“The Press Lives by Disclosures” by Joseph Publitzer, Jr.
“What’s In A Name (Of A Paper)?” by Dorian J. Lester
“Disinterested Students vs. Interested Newspapers?” by Patrick Huber
“What About Weeklies?” by John C. Obert
“Collingwood Views the Press” by Louis M. Lyons
“Newspapers Should Be For Highbrows” by Roland E. Wolseley
“No News Is Bad News: The Ban on American Reporting from Communist China” by Robert Karr McCabe
“Are We The Best Informed Nation?” by James W. Markham
“The Press and Its Ineffective Critics” by Nathan B. Blumberg
“William M. Tugman: Newspaperman” by Charles T. Duncan
“A Nieman Fellow at Harvard” by Chanchal Sarkar
“Newspaper Makeup and Typography Contests” by Harold W. Wilson

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