Nieman Reports

Fall 1960

The Public Trial and the Free press

Cover for Fall 1960

“The Public Trial and the Free Press” by Justice William O. Douglas
“The First Thomas L. Stokes Award” by Louis M. Lyons
“Newspapermen and Lawyers” by Anthony Lewis
“The Divided Press of South Africa” by Adam Clymer
“Taiwan and Its Press” by Shen Shan
“On Estimating Political Campaign News Objectivity” by James W. Markham
“Freedom of Information: a Constitutional Right” by Robert J. Steamer
“U-Com, or the Dejays’ Revenge” by Karl F. Zeisler
“Why Can’t Johnny Read? (A Scholar Protests the Influence of Television)” by Joshua Whatmough
“Education for Electronic Journalism” by Robert Lindsay
“Twenty-one Years of Nieman Fellowships” by Arthur M. Schlesinger
“The Nieman Newspaper and the Nieman Foundation” by Lindsay Hoben

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Louis M. Lyons

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