Nieman Reports

Fall 1957

Problems of Reporting in Latin America

Cover for Fall 1957

“Trial by Newspaper II: Lawyers Have A Responsibility, Too” by Joseph M. Harvey
“Problems of Reporting Latin America” by Paul B. Kennedy
“‘Desacato:’ Old Spanish Penal Law Flaunts Press Freedom in Latin America” by Eberhard P. Deutsch
“A Very Human Institution” by Louis M. Lyons
“A Reporter Raises Some Questions” by L. M. Wright, Jr.
“One Way to Keep Good Reporters Without Paying Them Any More” by Donald M. Schwartz
“The Genuine Glamor of Journalism” by John Hulteng
“End of Newspaper Row” by John Mason Potter
“City News Bureaus—Past and Present” by Victor J. Danilov
“The Role of the Press in Urbanization Problems” by Sylvan Meyer
“Editorials on Professor Merk by Nieman Fellows”

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Louis M. Lyons

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