Nieman Reports

Fall 1952

News Censorship in Korea

Cover for Fall 1952

“The Future For Reformers” by James Bryant Conant
“News Censorship in Korea” by Robert C. Miller
“On Predicting Elections” by Bruce H. Westley
“Press and Police” by Malcolm C. Bauer
“The Muckrakers Revisited: Purposeful Objectivity in Progressive Journalism” by Whitney R. Cross
“A Moral Challenge to the Press” by Alan Barth
“Assignment in Milwaukee” by Robert H. Fleming
“Can Your Readers Keep Up With the News?” by Louis M. Lyons
“The Independence of the Washington Star” by Samuel H. Kauffmann
“The Right To Know” by J. R. Wiggins
“Smear! Taft GOPers in Texas Turn Flips In Effort to Daub Ike With Commie Red” by Delbert Willis
“If We Were Governor”
“Funeral of Reese Closes Up Town” by Robert E. Hoyt

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Louis M. Lyons

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