Nieman Reports

Fall 1949

Two Great Editors

Cover for Fall 1949

“Get Writing” by Samuel E. Morison
“Reporting On Foreign Affairs” by James B. Reston
“Are Weeklies Uneconomic?” by Charles T. Duncan
“The Peiping Case: How Chinese Communists Treat Correspondents” by Robert (Pepper) Martin
“Canada Prints More News” by I. Norman Smith
“Sunset and Morning Star” by Kenneth N. Stewart
“O. K. Bovard: A Great Managing Editor — A Complex Man” by Irving Dilliard
“Henry Watterson — A Man of Salient Characteristics” by Tom Wallace
“Journalism Schools — Guardians of the Press” by Ernest H. Linford”
“‘The AP Says … ‘ (The Stringer’s Lament)” by Russell Collins

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