Nieman Reports

Fall 1947

"No Other Allegiance"

Cover for Fall 1947

“The Role of the Press” by Robert Lasster
“Press Reaction to Hutchins Report”
“Scoops by Carrier Pigeons” by William H. McDougall, Jr.
“The Music Critic – Harvard Symposium”
“The Newspaperman II—The Reporter” by William M. Pinkerton
“The Cincinnati Newspapers” by Murray Seasongood
“A Pop Gun for the Press” by Volta Torrey
“Theory of the ‘Frustrated’ Journalist” by John H. Crider
“African Assignment” by Don Burke
“Burian Detail—A Story” by Fletcher Martin
“The Patented Concentrator” by William H. Vosburgh, Jr.

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Louis M. Lyons

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