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Naomi Darom

Naomi Darom, a 2016 Nieman Fellow, is a writer at Musaf Haaretz, the weekend magazine for Haaretz newspaper in Israel, where she covers stories at the intersection of culture, science and society. She has written about Israel’s discrimination of non-Jews and American Jews’ changing relationship with Israel as well as gender issues, parenthood and the relationship between religion and state. She has traveled to India to cover a charismatic grassroots leader who fights for the rights of women, and to Sweden to write about evolutionary science. Darom previously worked as a features writer at The Marker, Haaretz’s business magazine.

Getting Beyond Stereotypes on Israeli TV News

By July 6, 2016

Growing up in a small village in northern Israel, Janaan Bsoul loved watching news and current affair shows with her dad. Bsoul is an Arab, and the people on television—anchors, pundits, interviewees—were almost all Jews, but she thought nothing of … Read more