Melissa Ludtke

About Melissa Ludtke

Melissa Ludtke was editor of Nieman Reports from 1998 to 2011.

Summer 2000: Words & Reflections Introduction

By Opinion June 15, 2000

If the conscientious practice of journalism is essential to democracy, as the First Amendment attests, then what, if any, contemporary forces are undermining the critical role journalists have historically played? In this section, this question is addressed from a variety … Read more

Winter 1999 – Spring 2000: Journalism Introduction

By Features December 15, 1999

What you [see] here is a collection which reflects the substance of the first 53 years of the conversation journalists have engaged in about their rights and responsibilities in the pages of Nieman Reports. At times you will find an article that opened a new argument or ended an old one. Throughout you will hear the voices of journalists committed to their work challenging colleagues to raise the standards of discovering, reporting, writing and editing the news in a context meaningful for navigation within a free society. – Bill Kovach Read more

Winter 1999 – Spring 2000: Race Introduction

By Features December 15, 1999

From early in the magazine’s history, America’s dilemma—race relations and, in this case, how journalists report stories involving race—has been dissected and debated. Regarded initially in Nieman Reports from the perspective of two Southern newspaper editors, Hodding Carter (NF’40) and … Read more

Fall 1999: International Journalism Introduction

By International Journalism September 15, 1999

Powerful owners, government officials and politicians work hard to control what journalists write and say. With elections ahead, the press faces critical tests of its independence. How Journalists Use Sources A report from the Second Watchdog Journalism Project Conference Journalists meet to talk about the relationships that reporters have with their sources and to examine the potential consequences posed by changes in how sources are treated by reporters and how sources treat reporters. Read more