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Gabe Bullard

Gabe Bullard has worked in public radio for nearly a decade, starting at member station WFPL in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, he is a senior editor at WAMU in Washington and was previously the director of digital content for the show 1A, which is produced by WAMU and distributed by NPR. A 2015 Nieman Fellow, Gabe has also worked at National Geographic. He is based in Washington, D.C.

More Power to Low-Power FM

By April 4, 2019

While podcasts and smart speakers generate buzz, radio—AM/FM, over-the-air, old-fashioned radio—reaches more Americans than any other medium. And technological and regulatory change is still pushing the medium in new directions, one of which is low-power FM. Low-power … Read more

Crowdfunding the News

By September 26, 2016

On June 25, 2013, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis spent nearly 11 hours on the chamber floor filibustering a bill that would have restricted access to abortion in her state. The speech drew the national eye to … Read more

Hooked on the Power of Sound

By Sounding May 11, 2015

When I hear the “All Things Considered” theme, I hear vegetables sizzling in a pan. I think about being 6 years old and playing with toys at the kitchen table while my mom cooked dinner and caught up with … Read more