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Dan Froomkin, former senior Washington correspondent for The Huffington Post, writes about accountability journalism for Nieman Reports.


Interview With a Watchdog Journalist

By Watchdog January 4, 2013

“Never stop asking for public documents,” says Boston Globe reporter Jenifer B. McKim, NF ’08, in the first of a series of Q. and A.'s with Nieman Fellows about watchdog reporting. “Sometimes a simple public records request can lead to stunning discoveries.” In McKim’s case, her request for reports about lead poisoning, made when she was a reporter at The Orange County Register in California, kicked off a two-year investigation into candy tainted with lead that prompted changes in state and federal laws. Read more

At the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Watchdog Reporting is King

By Watchdog November 21, 2012

Marty Kaiser has been editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for 15 years, and during that time he has had to make a lot of cuts to his newsroom. The path he chose was to give up daily, incremental stories that don't move the ball, in favor of emphasizing watchdog stories that expose problems that need fixing. "What I love about it is that in a way it's the old-fashioned newspaper crusade," he says. "I think you should stand up for what you believe in and say that's what you're doing." Read more

‘Follow the Money—Globally’

By Watchdog November 21, 2012

Working with reporters across borders is the new frontier for accountability journalism, says Sheila S. Coronel, director of the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Born in Manila, Coronel co-founded the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and served as its director for 17 years. Now blogging as the “WatchDog Watcher,” she argues that journalists can’t “follow the money” if they’re not going global with their reporting. Read more

But What About the Veterans?

By Watchdog October 16, 2012

Foreign policy has taken a back seat in the U.S. presidential election, especially the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But reporters should at the very least press Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on a related domestic issue: the treatment of veterans. So asserts Kennedy School lecturer Juliette Kayyem, who notes that neither candidate is addressing the challenges facing those who bore the heaviest burden of war. Read more

The Big Chill

By Watchdog October 15, 2012

The Obama administration is operating amid unprecedented secrecy—while attacking journalists trying to tell the public what they need to know. Read more

Fair to Voters?

By Watchdog September 11, 2012

Dan Froomkin, formerly deputy editor of the Nieman Watchdog website, is now a contributor to Nieman Reports. His first piece examined the jobs crisis and what's missing from the job plans offered by the Romney and Obama campaigns. In his new piece, Froomkin talks to an election expert who suggests four voting metrics that can help reporters judge the fairness of elections. Read more

The Jobs Crisis

By August 27, 2012

Photo by Arthur Rothstein. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. To the extent that there has been any attention paid to public policy issues amid all the mud-slinging in the 2012 presidential … Read more