On-line Profits From News Must Wait

By Technology June 15, 1998

In the three years or so that media organizations have operated on-line news sites very few, if any, have made a profit. There aren’t many success stories to highlight. The best-known example of a soon-to-be profitable news site is The … Read more

Trials With Editors

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

Stan Grossfeld, a 1992 Nieman Fellow, has an enviable job as a photojournalist. An Associate Editor of The Boston Globe, he is free to go wherever his creative instincts lead him—and they have led him all over the world. The … Read more

Hard Times Abroad

By Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

Time magazine sent Chris Morris to Albania last summer to get pictures of the election there. Everything worked out fine, they had the page all set and laid out. At the last moment, the editors pulled the article, opting instead … Read more

AP’s Policy Banning Photo Manipulation

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

In 1990, as The Associated Press made its transition to digital processing of its images, Vincent Alabiso, Executive Photo Editor, released its unequivocal internal policy regarding photo manipulation. “The straightforward guidelines must be met by AP’s wordwide staff,” he wrote. Read more

Lester Sloan

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

These photos are of men who attended the Million Man March on Washington in 1995. The event was defined by the media in terms of numbers, but to me it was as much about individuals and singular acts of rededication … Read more