“Seeing Stories in What Wasn’t Being Reported”
– By Phillip W.D. Martin
What follows is a list of some of the independent European groups that monitor racist and anti-immigrant groups, parties and activities:

  • Norway: The Centre for Combating Ethnic Discrimination is engaged in campaigns against incidents of neo-Nazi street violence and official institutions, such as Norway’s Supreme Court, which in 1999 declared it was legal to advertise in real estate listings for “whites only.”
  • Germany: Members of that nation’s Jewish community, led by Paul Spiegel in Dusseldorf and the Society for Threatened Peoples, based in Gšttingen, Germany, are organizing on behalf of Jews, “foreigners” and Roma.
  • Italy: The Union of Italian Jewish Communities is active in Rome and elsewhere in opposing neo-Nazi hooliganism at soccer matches.
  • France: The National Consultative Commission of Human Rights is engaged in both monitoring and organizing against racist and anti-Semitic violence, and the Movement Against Racism and For Friendship Between Peoples has been involved in counterdiscrimination campaigns.

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