Election '16: Lessons for Journalism
Nieman Reports’ ongoing series exploring political coverage in the age of Trump

As journalists continue to critique their coverage of the presidential election, Nieman Reports is publishing an ongoing series of articles exploring the issues, challenges and opportunities—from newsroom diversity to fake news to community news outlets—that will inform reporting going forward. Read more

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Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Earn Back the Right to Serve as Watchdogs

While demanding transparency from political leaders, we, as journalists, must hold ourselves accountable, too

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Why We Need News Literacy Now

How news literacy can help students—and the rest of us—build demand for real journalism

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

The Way Forward

Reflecting on this historic campaign and looking ahead to what newsrooms must do next


Democracy at the Dinner Table

A photographer searches for the meaning in the everyday

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Journalists Need to Better Explain What Journalists Do … Including Me

If journalists don’t inform the public about what we do and why, we’re ceding the debate to those looking to vilify and delegitimize the press at a dangerous moment in history

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Telling Stories in Uncertain Times

The example of courageous Mexican journalists teaches us to believe, against all odds, in the power of story, that truth still matters

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

The Problem with Polls Isn’t Technological, It’s Political

As a matter of civic ethics and good governance, it’s time to regulate the publication of pre-election polls

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Closing Gaps in the Name of Democracy

Making improvements in polling, news literacy, and the use of technology is urgent

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Relevance over Reach, Value over Volume

Notes toward an empathetic journalism for the right half of America

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Predicting Outcomes Is Not Our Job

Poll stories masquerade as serious journalism. We're in the business of providing real news and analysis so people can make their own decisions