Election '16: Lessons for Journalism
Nieman Reports’ ongoing series exploring political coverage in the age of Trump

As journalists continue to critique their coverage of the presidential election, Nieman Reports is publishing an ongoing series of articles exploring the issues, challenges and opportunities—from newsroom diversity to fake news to community news outlets—that will inform reporting going forward. Read more

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Design as a Driving Force for Audience Engagement

Valuing visual types in the newsroom has a good payoff

5 Questions

5 Questions for Engin Onder

Engin Onder, co-founder of Istanbul-based 140journos, on the state of the citizen journalism in Turkey and survival in an age of crackdowns on the media

Opinion: Diversity

When Is A Remark Racist?

In an increasingly polarized world, journalists need to write with context and precision about race

Opinion: Ethics

Why BuzzFeed Was Wrong to Publish the Trump Dossier

Journalists commit a public disservice when we treat unverified facts as fact

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Still An Outsider in Mainstream Journalism

Trump’s rhetoric forces us to redefine what it means to be a Latino and a professional journalist


When War Comes Home

In Ukraine, journalists who remain neutral face formidable challenges

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Four Steps to Strengthening Journalism’s Role in Our Democracy

The question isn't, “What lessons can we draw from 2016?” The question is, “Which of the many answers should we focus on?”

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

The challenge Trump poses for Jewish media

How do Jewish journalists cover a politician who positions himself as staunchly pro-Israel and boasts deep personal Jewish ties but is also championed by anti-Semites?

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Al Sharpton, Donald Trump, and the Black and White Truth

Crucial facts about race in America have been overlooked in analyzing Trump's win

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Get Serious About Getting Rid of Fake News

Hiring editors at Facebook is key to the health of our information ecosystem

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

A Davos for the Rust Belt

Instead of bringing smart journalists and celebrities to resort towns, why not get them to go where they’re really needed—middle America?

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

What Went Wrong—and Right—with Campaign Coverage

Journalists still have a lot to learn, but are also producing some exemplary coverage to learn from