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How Independent Russian Newsrooms Keep Reporting

As Russia promotes disinformation abroad, it is cracking down on the independent press at home

Opinion: Mexico Journal

Photojournalists in Mexico Show Solidarity Amid the Ruins

How photojournalists in Mexico came together to support a colleague who lost his wife and his home in the September 19 earthquake


What Journalists Can Learn from the Blues

To get beyond bewilderment and despair, journalism needs to learn to embrace suffering and struggle

Live @ Lippmann

Elle Reeve: “Now that the whole world knows that these guys exist, you can’t just do the straight-on coverage of their events. You can’t ignore it either.”

“Vice News Tonight” correspondent on the white supremacist movement, de-escalating hostility, and the challenge going forward


The Power of Personalization

News personalization could help publishers attract and retain audiences—in the process making political polarization even worse


Tim O’Reilly on ways to put the brakes on “fake news” and rebuild trust on the internet

In “WTF: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up To Us,” web guru O’Reilly suggests it is time to reinvent social institutions for our online era

Opinion: Ethics

Cam Newton and Journalism’s Credibility

Not enough male journalists have forcefully spoken out against sexist attitudes towards female sports reporters

Opinion: Mexico Journal

“War Correspondents in Our Own Country”

How Mexican journalists are responding to reports that the government has been monitoring their communications


Dead Bodies, Nationality, and the “Newsworthy” Image

“Death Makes the News” examines the narratives conveyed by photographs taken in the U.S. vs. abroad during times of tragedy