Race and Reporting

The case for more inclusive newsrooms

Confronting Racism in the Age of Obama

Issac Bailey. African American Journalist, Nieman Fellow.

Columnist Issac Bailey faced resurgent racism after the 2008 election

Nieman curator Ann Marie Lipinski on risky, important conversations about race

Making Black Lives Matter in the News

Community members protected Cathy and Jerome Jenkins’s restaurant in Ferguson, Missouri from looters in 2014

Susan Smith Richardson, the editor and publisher of The Chicago Reporter, argues for reviving the black beat

Why Newsroom Diversity Works

Carlos Richardson and his daughter Selah enjoy a quiet moment after dinner in Atlanta, Georgia

2015 Nieman Fellow Alicia W. Stewart explores effective strategies for making newsrooms more inclusive

Stop Segregating Stories About Race

Billy Garcia enjoys an evening walk in the Bronx with his children Esmeralda and Jeremy

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans argues that race, culture, and poverty deserve to be covered in the same way as the weather, sports, and the stock market

Public Radio and the Sound of America

St. Louis area barber Christopher Williams with a customer whose hair he has been cutting for 14 years

Adriana Gallardo and Betsy O’Donovan of the Association of Independents in Radio look at how broadcasters are bringing more variety to the airwaves

Capturing Quiet Acts of Resistance

Jerell Willis carries his son Fidel across the Brooklyn Bridge. Jerell is a single father living on the Lower East Side, who went through a long and arduous legal process to obtain full custody of his son. Brooklyn, NY, November 2012.

Photographer Zun Lee documents the lives of black fathers in America, from Brooklyn to Ferguson

Building a Better Newsroom

How to make journalism more inclusive—and how that can contribute to better coverage