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‘It Was Hard to Put Words to Something So Raw and So Recent’

Daily Tar Heel editor-in-chief Emmy Martin shares the story behind the paper’s viral front page


Journalists Should Share Their Own Climate Disasters

It’s an important step in helping audiences to understand what’s at stake


How Journalists Can Protect Their Sources

From the July newsletter: In the age of digital surveillance, journalists are taking extra precautions to protect their sources' identities

From the Curator

Tending to the Details

As newsrooms hollow out and deepfakes become more prevalent, the need for mentors is greater than ever


Journalists Need More Training in the Art of Negotiation

Internships and journalism schools should give their students the tools they need to push for transparency and fairness in the hiring process


Massachusetts Lawmakers Look to Streaming Services to Fund Public Access Media

As local journalism contracts, community stations — which are seeing their own revenue decline — are becoming a key information source for communities


Let’s Correct the Record on the Media’s Handling of the Clinton Email Story

Why are marquee news outlets still unwilling to grapple with their role in the 2016 election?

Niemans @ Work

Covering Climate as an Indigenous Affairs Beat

Tristan Ahtone, NF ’18, on harnessing the expertise of Indigenous journalists to report on the environment


Smart Ways Journalists Can Exploit Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots may reinvent the way we write news, but AI is also helping newsrooms connect with readers and reach new audiences

Niemans @ Work

Turning A 21-Second Football Play into a 264-Page Book

Tyler Bridges, NF ’12, on writing about the craziest finish in college sports history


Does Your Newsroom Use Artificial Intelligence? We Want to Hear from You

What are some examples of how you’ve incorporated AI into your work and what impact did it have? Share your story with us below and we might include it as part of a future article