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Want Diverse Newsrooms? Unions Push for Pay Equity As a Path Forward

“If we can’t make bold changes now, it seems like we never will”


Journalists Need to Remember that Not All News Readers are White

Dear Journalism: Audiences of national media have too long been presumed to be white. A New York Times editor argues it’s time to change that


How Objectivity Can Make Audiences Cynical about Politics—and Journalism

Holding fast to outmoded ideas of objectivity can introduce its own set of biases

International Journalism

The Risks of Relying on Citizen Journalists to Cover the War in Syria

After Assad’s regime made the country inaccessible for journalists, Syrian citizens stepped in, creating safety concerns and ethical dilemmas


Is Movement Journalism What’s Needed During this Reckoning over Race and Inequality?

A movement journalist examines what it means to engage with communities and challenge the status quo


Following the Money at the University of Michigan Hits Home for Reporter

Why this journalist's investigation tested — and enriched — his marriage

Journalist’s Trade

How Russian Media Reported the Coronavirus Pandemic

Russian TV’s upbeat coverage of Covid-19 was in stark contrast to the devastating reporting by the country’s independent news outlets


“Collaboration is the Future of Journalism”

To meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the racial justice movement, the historically competitive media culture is becoming more collaborative

Journalist’s Trade

Can Journalism Be Both Impartial and Empathetic?

Research conducted at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School suggests reporters who favor impartiality and those who favor empathy share a desire to refocus journalism on citizens


As Erdoğan Cracks Down, Turkey’s Independent Journalists Need Digital Skills and Business Acumen

“Turkey’s mainstream media has imploded, and it will not come back even after Erdoğan”