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Why Local Journalism Makes a Difference

At Global Press Journal, speaking the local languages and understanding local customs is key to telling culturally appropriate stories


The End of the Ad World as We Knew It

In “Frenemies,” media reporter Ken Auletta examines the collateral damage wrought by an age of consumers living an ad-free existence


Murder and the Making of a Journalist

In “My Brother Moochie,” Issac J. Bailey investigates the murder his oldest brother committed and comes to terms with difficult truths


Critics and Online Outlets Leading the Vanguard in Arts Writing

From heady journals to Tumblr manifestos, innovation in art criticism is happening outside the mainstream

Hyperallergic, at Age 9, Rivals the Arts Journalism of Legacy Media

The online outlet was ranked highly in a survey of 300 arts journalists


In the Philippines, Journalists Confront Fake News and a Crackdown on Press Freedom

Despite the obstacles in an increasingly hostile environment, independent Filipino news outlets are doing vital work

Opinion: Tech

The Coming Splinternet: How the GDPR Could Threaten Journalism

The General Data Protection Regulation could have unintended—and unpleasant—consequences for news outlets

Opinion: Ethics

What Joy Ann Reid’s Blog Posts Say about Journalistic Ethics

It’s not okay for journalists to make it harder for audiences to discern fact from fiction


People Want to Know About People

Environment journalism fails when we forget about people


Reinventing Local TV News

To attract young viewers, stations are going digital-first, crowdsourcing reporting, experimenting with augmented reality, and injecting more personality into the news

Live @ Lippmann

“Collaboration Is Really Our Best Protection”

Investigative journalist Laurent Richard on the importance of finishing and publishing the stories of journalists jailed or killed, the collaborative ethos that makes it possible, and the technology that makes it easier to elude attempts to silence reporters

Syrian Refugees Turn to Journalism to Report on Their World

An online course is bringing untold stories into the news cycle