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Journalism in Myanmar: “An Apocalypse for The Media”

Myanmar’s former ‘outlaw’ journalists lead the battle for a free press


There Is an Open War on Facts and Truth. That’s Why We Need Accountability Reporting in Political Stories

It’s past time to move on from “both sides” reporting and stop worrying about faux cries of bias


Alexei Navalny, Social Media, and the State of the Free Press in Russia

The space for independent Russian journalism is shrinking, but a handful of small outlets still offer an alternative to state media


Covering God in the 21st Century

Contrary to popular thought at the end of the 20th century, religion has continued to be an important aspect of modern life


In Polarized Times, Local Papers Need to Lean Even Harder into Tough Issues

Local newsrooms should report with nuance, grace, and empathy — especially when covering political hot-button issues


For Visual Journalists, The Pandemic Was Creative Inspiration to Try Harder

At the Minneapolis Star Tribune, photographers and videographers didn’t flinch from showing what was happening, but they also portrayed subjects in their full humanity


Challenging Traditional Views of Objectivity Is Not a Call to Lower Standards But to Reexamine Them

Journalists need to recognize that opinion pieces and straight news are both informed by individuals’ backgrounds and biases


Lukashenko’s Hijacking of the Free Press in Belarus

Calls for Raman Pratasevich’s freedom need to be coupled with demands that all media in Belarus are free to report without fear of reprisal


“Journalists Make Me Better”

Journalists stand for truth, integrity and for those who can’t stand for themselves. When I think the work can’t matter, they show me it does


3 Steps Toward Making NPR More Inclusive and Diverse

Creating public media for everyone means realizing a more equitable distribution of power. Here’s how


Adam Toledo, Bodycam Footage, and Coverage of Police Shootings

Reporting on police shootings is incomplete if it doesn’t give audiences a sense of the aftermath, too