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Opinion: Ethics

An Open Letter to Troy Closson, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Northwestern

Veteran journalists need voices like yours to expose our tradition bias


We Need More Veterans in America’s Newsrooms

The new nonprofit Military Veterans in Journalism wants to bring more military knowledge and experience into the media 


One Truth at a Time

Bringing Indigenous history to Canada’s media

Reporting the Climate Crisis through (Really) Slow Journalism

A new time-lapse documentary will chronicle four communities on the front lines of the climate crisis every five years until 2050

Gina McCarthy’s Advice to Climate Journalists: “Talk about Solutions and Build Hope”

The former EPA director on how to make climate journalism “relevant, personal, and actionable”

Five Tips for Better Coverage of the Climate Crisis

Focus on relevance to everyday life, include all beats, emphasize potential solutions, highlight the visual, make it local

Live @ Lippmann

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey on the Meticulous Reporting and Hard-Earned Trust Behind the Harvey Weinstein Investigation

The New York Times reporters discuss gaining sources’ trust, journalism versus activism, and the limits of #MeToo journalism


The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shootings: Avoid “Anniversary” and “Tragedy” and Don’t Name the Shooter

Members of the Pittsburgh community offer advice to journalists covering commemorations of the 2018 anti-Semitic attack

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

When Covering the 2020 Election Put Community, Not Competition, First

Local political coverage is as essential to democracy as national and statewide coverage. Collaboration is the only way diminished newsrooms can keep communities informed

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

We Must Collaborate to Restore Accountability in our State Capitals

Stop competing on every daily story and start collaborating to free up reporters for enterprise and accountability work

Trudeau’s Blackface: The Chilling Effects of Disinformation on Political Engagement

During election season, journalists should be ready for even more sophisticated attempts to plant false narratives and to spin disinformation via legitimate news stories

Opinion: Ethics

Covering Impeachment Isn’t Only About Politics

Journalists must cover the moral and ethical issues—not just the political implications—of impeachment