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Election ’20: The Role of Local News

When Covering the 2020 Election Put Community, Not Competition, First

Local political coverage is as essential to democracy as national and statewide coverage. Collaboration is the only way diminished newsrooms can keep communities informed

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

We Must Collaborate to Restore Accountability in our State Capitals

Stop competing on every daily story and start collaborating to free up reporters for enterprise and accountability work

Trudeau’s Blackface: The Chilling Effects of Disinformation on Political Engagement

During election season, journalists should be ready for even more sophisticated attempts to plant false narratives and to spin disinformation via legitimate news stories

Opinion: Ethics

Covering Impeachment Isn’t Only About Politics

Journalists must cover the moral and ethical issues—not just the political implications—of impeachment

Yes, We Can Reach Gender Parity in Photojournalism

The New York Times, Bloomberg News, and the San Francisco Chronicle are among the news outlets publishing more photographs by women

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

Less Local News Means Less Democracy

When local journalism declines, so does government transparency and civic engagement

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

What Happens When Weekly Newspapers Disappear?

No one at city council and school board meetings, politicians rarely held accountable—and fewer stories for farmers to read and decide whether they need to get mad

Amidst Crackdowns, Kashmiri Journalists Struggle to Report

With communication restrictions creating dueling narratives of what's happening, Kashmiri journalists are fighting to keep people informed

How Writing Off the Working Class Has Hurt the Mainstream Media

A 1951 Nieman Foundation conference on labor reporting tells us what we are missing in reporting today

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Photographing Domestic Violence: Showing Uncomfortable Truths

Where is the line between respecting the needs of survivors or the deceased and the public’s need to know?

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Chile: Calling Out Femicide

There is growing pressure on the media not to romanticize femicide as a “crime melodrama”

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Kenya: Stop Blaming Women

Much reporting tends to blame women for their own deaths while providing sympathetic coverage of alleged perpetrators