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Opinion: Ethics

The Limits of Empathy During a Time of Polarization

Journalists shouldn’t demean or dismiss the supporters of any political candidate. But we shouldn’t explain away their words and deeds, either


Why Journalists Need To Be Witty

Journalistic wit means spotting the connections others don’t see—or don’t want us to see


How Newsrooms are Rethinking Midterms Coverage

To meet the challenges of the midterms, news outlets are taking a more collaborative approach, changing how they report on polls, and covering the voting process itself as well as its results


Why Bhutan’s Struggle for Press Freedom Matters

“If the media, especially Western media, … is not interested in the emerging voices of journalism in countries like Bhutan, then there is no hope for a free and fair press”

“It Is Really Hard to Know What is Real”

A new report from Project Information Literacy offers insights about engaging younger consumers with the news


Sports Journalists Battle for Relevancy

In an age of social platforms and celebrity athletes, Bleacher Report, The Players' Tribune, and The Athletic are challenging legacy sports media


The Great Disconnect: How Journalists at Local and National Outlets Are Evolving Different Skill Sets

Journalists who start their careers at national outlets on the East Coast learn different skills from those working in local news—and each can learn from the other


Hot Type

In his new book "Recovered Memory," Frank Van Riper meditates on his career in newspapers from the 1960s to the 1980s

Nieman 80

The Nieman 80

On the 80th anniversary of the Nieman Foundation, Nieman Fellows reflect on the journalism that’s left an indelible mark on them and their careers


Re-examining Lippmann’s Legacy

Journalists are still grappling with many of the issues that defined Walter Lippmann’s extraordinary career