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Emily Bell Says it’s Time to Reframe How Journalists Report on Truth, Misinformation

The founding director of Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism discusses re-thinking how we report on disinformation, the role of platforms, and more


A Nieman Lasts A Lifetime: A Member of The Class of ’67 Turns 95

Beena Sarwar, Nieman '05, reflects on the life and stories of her uncle, Zawwar Hasan, Nieman '67


Creating Media to Meet the Information Needs of Children

In developing an audience of kids and their families, media organizations are building partners for the future


5 Imperatives for Expanding Independent Local News

Collaborative statewide newsrooms could be a crucial part of the effort to bolster local journalism at scale


Covering Extremism: “As Exhausting a Beat as It Is Important”

Reporters who have long covered the far right offer advice — and warnings — for where reporting on white nationalism and conspiracy theories should go from here


Get to Know the Newsrooms Focused on Elevating Latinx Voices in the U.S.

From more established outlets to startups, these newsrooms are bringing nuanced, in-depth coverage to the issues impacting Latinx people


5 Things I Learned as an AAPI Engagement Editor Covering Anti-Asian Hate

The Atlanta shootings are another tragic reminder that empowering journalists of color can bring massive returns both in and out of the newsroom


Lithuania’s Public Broadcaster and Commercial Rivals Clash over State Funding

Public funding of broadcasting is a cherished cornerstone of European democracies. In Lithuania, commercial stations argue state-financed budgets give the country’s public broadcaster an unfair advantage


Authors Explore How to Clean Up A “Polluted Media Landscape”

Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner explore how a media network crisis drives conspiracy theories in “You Are Here”


Covid Relief Bill Throws Lifeline to Transform Local News

Pension provisions in the $1.9-trillion bill give local news outlets crucial breathing room to pursue sustainable digital business models