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“We’re Going to Be Where No One Else Is”

In the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria, journalists in Puerto Rico are doubling down on independent news organizations


Why Public Radio Could Be a Key Part of Saving Local News

A recent study finds that shoring up NPR member stations with more philanthropic funding could increase community reporting capacity


“I Carry the Tears of Victims”

Sheikh Sabiha Alam, NF '23, on covering human rights violations in the narrow space left for independent journalism in Bangladesh

Niemans @ Work

Supporting Quality Journalism that Connects with Local Communities

Lolly Bowean, NF ’17, works to hold space in philanthropy for marginalized communities


“Vamos a estar donde no haya nadie”

En los años posteriores a la devastación del huracán María, los periodistas en Puerto Rico apuestan aún más al periodismo independiente

Live @ Lippmann

Archon Fung: “People Have Been Misled A Lot By Truth-Generating Institutions”

The Harvard Kennedy School professor on partisanship, polarization, and mistrust


Legacy Media Needs to Be Transformed, Not Discarded

Local news is a public service profession. We need both commercial and nonprofit outlets to fulfill that mission


Dear Sunnylands: Let’s Widen the Roadmap — and Mark an Achievable Destination for Local News

To thrive and grow, local emerging organizations need a new alignment between philanthropy and market-driven business building. We already see the fledgling success of that model


Dear Sunnylands, Make More Room for BIPOC, LGBTQ, and Rural Media Leaders at the Table

Donors looking to support journalism as “civic information” need to hear directly from leaders of news outlets serving these communities


Correcting The New York Times on Trans Issues

More than 1,000 Times contributors have sent an open letter asking for the paper of record to examine its biases in reporting on trans issues. The paper's response is part of the problem


Meet The States Using Public Funding to Support Local Journalism

In the face of federal inaction, state-level experiments to fund community-based outlets are expanding