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Spanning Beats, Environmental Justice Reporting Influences Every Story

By connecting systemic inequities to environmental harms, environmental justice reporting covers everything from race and housing to healthcare and immigration

Live @ Lippmann

The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos: “Approach Washington with a Healthy Degree of Alarm”

The Biden biographer on the state of the political press and covering Trump and the far-right


Spurred by Black Lives Matter, Coverage of Police Violence Is Changing

Newsrooms are moving away from privileging police accounts over those of police violence victims


To Change Its Future, The Kansas City Star Examined Its Racist Past

“The Truth in Black and White” forced the newsroom to look inward and to do journalism differently


How Participatory Media Promote Coverage of Social Movements

In his new book “Mistrust,” Ethan Zuckerman explores how online spaces have transformed political participation


Can We Restore A Collective Understanding of Reality, Please?

The pro-Trump riot in D.C. offers conservative media the chance to rid itself of propaganda and provide cover for Republicans willing to take on their party’s extremists

Journalist’s Trade

After the Capitol Riot, Journalists Contend with Rage against the Media

Trump’s stoking of hostility — rhetorical and physical — toward reporters is likely to outlast his presidency


How Can Journalists Better Serve Immigrant Communities?

Radically reimagine immigration journalism to make it more responsive to the information needs of multicultural and multilingual audiences


The Extremist Mob at the U.S. Capitol was America, Too

Journalists need to do a better job conveying that ugly truth to audiences


Don’t Exoticize Latino Voters; Report on Them as Americans

As journalists turn their attention to the inauguration and the 2022 midterms, report on Latinos like any other group of voters


The Post Office Helped Save Our Elections. It Can Help Save Our Newspapers, Too

It’s time to once again fully subsidize second-class mail delivery of newspapers

From the Curator

Journalism’s Reckoning with “Manipulation at a Mass Scale”

Journalism is adopting a more robust rhetoric in response to the amplification of Trump’s demagoguery by social media and cable news