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Reporting in Ukraine: “This War is Unpredictable and Deadly Like No Other”

Russia’s brutally simple Ukraine strategy poses new risks for journalists


By Diversifying Newsrooms, We Find People’s Full Humanity

Why opening up documentary filmmaking is important for both the storytellers and the communities we cover


It’s Time to Go Beyond the Typical Election Coverage Playbook

Trainings and helplines for voters are just two ways newsrooms can help in the fight to preserve our democracy


Fighting for A Free Press in Ukraine — and Beyond

As Ukrainians defend their country against the Russian invasion, journalists there and in other post-Soviet states guard their fragile press freedoms


Sarah Palin, The New York Times and the Limits of Political Messaging

The U.S. needs a bold press that is not afraid to call out irresponsible rhetoric that inflames polarization and nods at violence

Niemans @ Work

The History of Tuberculosis Holds Lessons For Modern Day Public Health

Vidya Krishnan, NF ’21, on writing her debut non-fiction book “Phantom Plague”


Diverse Freelancers Play a Crucial Role in Journalism

Independent journalists can bring unique stories and talents to newsrooms looking to reach new audiences


Putin Shuts Down Russia’s Free Press for Reporting Accurately on Ukraine

The crackdown on independent news outlets takes Russia back to the Soviet era

Live @ Lippmann

Reviving the Labor Beat: “Every One of Us is a Worker”

Four labor journalists joined Nieman Reports for a Twitter Spaces discussion on how newsrooms are making workplace safety and unionization front-page stories


Ukrainian Journalists Risk Everything to Stand Up to Putin

Russia’s history of suppressing independent media at home offers clues about what might happen in Ukraine


Call Out Bigotry in Reporting on the Ukraine Invasion

How journalists cover armed conflict shouldn’t hinge on the color of people’s skin or the color of their hair