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In South Africa, the Mail & Guardian Gains Support by Asking Readers for Help

Subscriptions have risen dramatically after the outlet told readers of its dire finances

Niemans @ Work

In Appalachia, radio reporter Benny Becker focuses on letting people narrate their own stories

In his fellowship proposal, he committed to making marginalized Appalachian voices the foundation of his journalism

Opinion: Ethics

The Connection Between Race and Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings

Race and ethnicity are not side issues but central to coverage of the coronavirus pandemic

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

Vote and Die: Covering Voter Suppression during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Journalists must cut through rampant disinformation around the pandemic to robustly report on efforts to suppress voting and delegitimize election results

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

During the Coronavirus Crisis, Coverage of State Capitals Is More Essential than Ever

Times of extraordinary government power require extraordinary accountability reporting


Government Funding Should Support Innovation, Not Prop Up Dying Business Models

The Danish government is funding news outlets during the coronavirus crisis. But the structure of that funding obstructs innovation in an industry desperate for change


What Role Should Newsrooms Play in Debunking COVID-19 Misinformation?

When conspiracies pass a tipping point, newsrooms working collectively to push out strong debunks can slow the spread of myths and misinformation

Corona Diaries: An Open-Source Platform of Personal Covid-19 Stories

Members of the 2019 Nieman group have launched a platform for audio stories from around the world about how people are coping with the coronavirus pandemic


The Threat—and Opportunity—COVID-19 Brings to Hungary’s Embattled Journalists

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is ratcheting up pressure on independent news outlets. But coronavirus coverage can demonstrate the value of a free press


In Venezuela, Journalists Contend with Authoritarianism, Censorship, and Covid-19

Nicolás Maduro’s government is harassing journalists covering the coronavirus, but independent Venezuelan news outlets are still documenting the crisis


In Brazil, Dismissing Coronavirus Misinformation with In-depth Investigations

Brazilian journalists face not only the challenge of the coronavirus itself, but a president whose misleading posts have been deleted by Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram