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Live @ Lippmann

The 19th*’s Editor-At-Large on Newsroom Diversity, Breonna Taylor’s Killing, and More

“Women are the majority of the electorate. We shouldn’t be talked about like a special‑interest group anymore”


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Our Bias Is for the Truth”

“We know of no other way to earn the trust of people from all sides than by going where the facts, the evidence, the truth lead us”


Reuters: From Covering the Election to the Pandemic, “We Build Trust When We Are Trustworthy”

“Journalism requires humility: Our ability to get the full picture is often limited, and we need to recognize that and share it.”


Votebeat’s Pop-up Newsrooms: Covering Local Election Integrity and Voting Access

Created by Chalkbeat, the project is reporting in eight states for the next three months — and possibly beyond


The Philadelphia Inquirer: What Election Day Returns Mean — and What They Don’t Mean

President Trump’s rhetoric and his campaign’s lawsuits throughout Pennsylvania put Philadelphia, and the state, on the front lines of his attack on voting

Journalist’s Trade

A Blueprint for Documenting and Debunking Misinformation Campaigns

The Media Manipulation Casebook is a tool to help journalists, researchers, and policymakers know how and when to respond to misinformation in all its forms

International Journalism

President Trump, Michael Pack, and The Future of Voice of America

The actions of VOA’s politically-appointed leadership have journalists worried about their editorial independence—and their jobs

Live @ Lippmann

Veteran China Reporters on Increasing Restrictions on Journalists — and the Toll on Truth-Telling

“Everybody in China these days is saying, ‘We used to think that North Korea was our past but now we realize it’s our future’”


The Detroit Free Press: “Journalists Must be Truth-Tellers”

“Call out the falsehoods, from any candidate. Do the fact-checking in real time”


National News Outlets Prepare for an Election Night that Might Turn into Days, Weeks

“This might be the first time as a journalist I’m ever hoping for the boring outcome”


It Can Happen Here: We Must Cover Trump As The Authoritarian He Is

On a checklist of the key characteristics of authoritarian behavior to watch for, Trump checks every box


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Investigating Voting Rights and Explaining How to Vote by Mail

“Reporting what is true is not a partisan act … It’s our responsibility.”