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Reporting at Risk

“We Should Side with Democracy:” Why the War in Ukraine is Existential for Baltic Journalists

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Baltic states’ independent media reckon with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Reporting at Risk

What It’s Like Working in the Deadliest Country in the World for Journalists

In Mexico, journalists are trapped between physical threats and political disputes

From the Curator

Confronting “Press Freedom Predators”

Newsrooms are running a gauntlet of abuse around the world. But the threat is greater than against journalism alone — it’s against democracy itself

Reporting at Risk

With Dom, We All Died a Little Bit

The murder of a veteran journalist covering the vulnerable in the Amazon has reverberated among reporters in Brazil

Reporting at Risk

Tunisian Journalists Face Police Intimidation and Jail Time for Doing Our Jobs

As President Kais Saied consolidates his grip on power, Tunisia — and its media — are sliding backward from hard-won democratic gains


Channeling a Childhood Passion into a Journalism Career

How drawing maps — and a pitstop in urban planning — ultimately led to working on data visualization projects


Covering “Gringo-Style” Shootings in Mexico

What American gun violence looks like to reporters who have to deal with a very different kind of threat

Reporting at Risk

In the Philippines, Will Marcos Give the Media Hell Like Duterte Did?

The rise of hyper-partisan influencers has made it easier for those seeking power to control the flow of information


American Democracy is Under Threat — and Newsrooms Are Mobilizing to Cover It

Reporters need to focus on local election agencies and move beyond horse race political coverage

Reporting at Risk

In Turkey, Erdoğan’s Crackdown on the Free Press Intensifies

As the country prepares for next year’s elections, the government is making it even harder for independent journalists


Felicia Sonmez’s Firing Highlights the Limits of Progress For Women In Newsrooms

The Washington Post sent a message: Be nice when a man displays a bit of sexism. Or be quiet.

Reporting at Risk

I witnessed Orbán crack down on Hungary’s free press. Here’s my advice to journalists facing similar threats

When you come under attack as a journalist, don’t make yourself the center of the story