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Learning from Little Rock: A Look at Black Lives Matter Protests and the Role of Local News

Coverage of protests in Arkansas’ capital highlights the fraught relationship between local newsrooms and the communities they cover


Reporting and Resilience: How Journalists Are Managing Their Mental Health

Amidst a global pandemic, racial tumult, and decimated newsrooms, journalists are learning how to cope so they can keep reporting

Journalist’s Trade

Timeline: Milestones of the Black Press in the U.S.

Highlights from history of the Black press show its enduring importance


Meet the New Black Press

How nimble, mission-driven outlets and a citizen-focused initiative are telling stories about — and for — Black communities


Protest Photography Can Be a Powerful Tool For and Against Black Lives Matter

If photojournalism wants to draw attention to social injustice, it must also look at the unintended harm photography can cause

Drew Pearson vs. Joe McCarthy: The Unmaking of the Modern American Demagogue

In "Demagogue," his biography of Joe McCarthy, Larry Tye reveals journalist Drew Pearson’s role in taking on and bringing down the infamous senator from Wisconsin


Reimagining Latinx Representation in American Journalism 

Newsrooms need to find journalists who represent the communities on which they report


Changes at VOA Threaten the Free Press — At Home and Abroad

Political bias would discredit U.S. global news services, undermining press freedom and democracy

Opinion: Ethics

Will This Racial Reckoning Finally Force Newsrooms to Listen to Every Staffer’s Voice?

To some, it’s the end of objectivity; to others, it’s long overdue. In the end, it’s about making journalism better


Refugee Journalists Bring Access to Stories that Would Otherwise Be Missed

“Diversity is not about political correctness, it’s about the quality of media”


A Journalist Wrestles with the Complex History of Racism in America

Watch and listen as Issac J. Bailey reflects on what he learned about race in America from a visit to Ghana


Is More Speech the Way to Counter Bad Speech?

The challenge for the media: Defining the boundaries of what’s acceptable and what’s not