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School Experiences Varied Widely in The Pandemic. Your Journalism Should Reflect That

Finding the students and families who can’t make it to school board meetings or protests needs to be a top priority for reporters


As the World Changes, Sports Journalism Needs to Keep Meeting the Moment

The pandemic forced sports departments to go beyond scores and records. That’s a change that every newsroom should carry into the future


What Are We Missing in The Afghanistan Story?

For journalism, the best comparison with what’s happening in Afghanistan now is not Vietnam. It’s the fall of Baghdad in 2003


In an Era of Misinformation and Tracking Technology, Long-Held Journalism Norms Are Shifting

Newsrooms are rethinking traditional ideas of neutrality, the use of invasive tracking data, and source relationships with law enforcement


How NFTs Could Lead to A Serious Business Opportunity for News Organizations

The media's first step into blockchain may be a dead end, but what grows out of it could have impact


Journalism Must Pick a Side — Not of a Party But for Democracy

Journalists are advocates and activists for democracy, whether we want to admit it or not


STAT’s Helen Branswell On How COVID-19 Has Changed the Health and Medicine Beat

The STAT senior reporter on the moment she knew the pandemic would become a big story, the politicization of the beat, and the challenges of reporting on evolving science


Six Rural News Outlets Trying to Bridge the Information Divide

These local newsrooms are helping audiences better understand the places sometimes dismissed as "flyover country"


Why Newsrooms Should Publish Salary Ranges with Every Job Posting

More transparency can help address pay disparities and make newsrooms more diverse


Nikole Hannah-Jones and the Need for BIPOC-Serving News Organizations

We need more initiatives like Hannah-Jones’s Center for Journalism and Democracy to invest in media makers of color


“A Wake in Words”: The Importance of Obituaries During — and After — the Pandemic

Unless news organizations continue to invest in obituaries, a fundamental way of keeping people together — and informed — will be lost

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The Modi Government, The Caravan Magazine, and the State of the Free Press in India

Editors Vinod Jose and Hartosh Singh Bal of The Caravan magazine, winner of the Nieman Foundation's 2021 Lyons Award , talk about politics, journalism, Covid-19, and free speech in India