Nieman Reports

Winter 1958

The Paper Curtain of Washington

Cover for Winter 1958

“Colorado’s ‘Little Nieman’ Plan” by Houstoun Waring
“The Paper Curtain of Washington” by John B. Oakes
“It Is The Editors Who Need Educating in Science” by Carl W. Larsen
“Covering Science in the Age of Sputnik” by Arthur J. Snider
“Let There Be Parody” by Adolph O. Goldsmith
“British and U.S. Press Compared” by Charles Curran
“The Challenge of Economic Pressures on Freedom of the Press” by Leo Burnett
“Home Was Hutchinson, Kansas” by Oscar S. Villadolid
“Censorship In Modern Spain” by Peter Sand
“Mary Handy: An Appreciation” by Robert R. Brunn
“E. Wesley Fuller 1912-1958”

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Louis M. Lyons

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