Nieman Reports

Summer 1995

Running Scared Into the On-line Era

Cover for Summer 1995

Public-Interest Journalism and New Technology: Nieman Foundation Conference
“Analysis” by Jack Fuller
“First Case Study – ‘America: What Went Wrong'”
“New Competitors and Hybrid Forms – Panel”
“What Makes Journalism Different?” by Neil Postman and Richard Harwood
“Where is Page 1 in Cyberspace?” Nancy Hicks Maynard
“New Economics of Journalism” by Esther Dyson and Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.
“FCC in Digital Age” by Reed Hundt
“Second Case Study – Africa News Service”
“Analysis” by Katherine Fulton
“Analysis” by Maxwell King
“Scaring OUrselves to Death” by Tom Regan
“News Photographers in Cyberspace” by Fred Ritchin
“On-Line Editor” by Melanie Sill
“The Real Competition” by Frank McCulloch
“In Face of Changes the Craft Survives” by Peter Eng
Foreign Correspondence
“The Ambassador’s Terrace? by James T. Wooten

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