Nieman Reports

Summer 1994

Can Journalists Shape the New Technologies?

Cover for Summer 1994

Toward a New Journalists’ Agenda: Responding to Emerging Technological and Economic Realities—A Nieman Conference
“Introductory Remarks”
“Case Studies”
“Who is a Journalist”
“Inventing Future”
“Democratization of News”
“Electronic Democracy”
Shakeout of Suggestions”
“Reporters and the New Age” by Larry Tye
“How Will Editor’s Job Change?” by David hall
“Multimedia Means Back to School” by Terry Schwadron
“My Information Country Road” by Jaroslav Veis
“Three Worries” by Maxwell King
“MIT Lab’s View of Future” by Jerome Rubin
“Conclusions and Plan of Action” by Katherine Fulton
“An Editor Interviews Himself” by John Seigenthaler
“Boil down the Declaration of Ethics” by Clarence Pennington
“Hit-and-Run Journalism” by Jerome Berger
“A Cartoon, an Apology and an Answer” by Doug Marlette
Foreign Correspondence
“Foreign Policy by Public Outrage” by Deborah Amos
“Update on the Mexican Press” by Raymundo Riva-Palacio

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