Nieman Reports

Summer 1991

The War And The Press

Cover for Summer 1991

“Washington Shield: Manipulation Beyond Battlefield” by Murrey Marder
“‘War’ Correspondents: Too Many Incompetents” by H. Joachim Maître
“The Independent Newspaper: Was It Worth the Cost?” by Burl Osborne and Staff
“The Independent Reporter: Fighting the Elitist Clique” by Frank Aukofer
“How to Improve TV Network News: A Plan for the Next War” by Lawrence K. Grossman
“MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour: Going Against the Big Guys” by MIchael D. Mossetig
“National Public Radio: Round the Clock and No Deficit” by William E. Buzenberg
“Black Journalists: Again, Racism Harms Coverage” by Thomas Morgan
“Women Journalists: Colleagues Show Sexism” by Carla Anne Robbins
“Bush’s Foreign Policy: Strategy Shakier Than Results” by Leslie Gelb
Other Features
“Indian Country Reporting” by Tim Giago

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