Nieman Reports

Summer 1979

Special Issue on Women and Journalism

Cover for Summer 1979

“The Nieman Fellowship: Reflections From the First Two Women” by Mary Ellen Leary and Charlotte FitzHenry
“Yes Virginia, There is an Agnes” by Jerome Aumente
“Nellie Bly: Lady Journalist” by Edward C. Norton
“Covering the Women’s Movement” by Peggy A. Simpson
“A Change in Style” by Sara Fritz
“Who Watches the Watchers” by Betty Ann Williams
“Women in the “Bullpen”” by Christy Barbee
“From Politics to Pitchouts (or How I Came to be Sports Editor of The New York Times)” by Le Anne Schreiber
“Women Journalists: Professional/Personal Conflicts” by Nancy L. Day
“A Word from Nepal” by Manjula Giri
“Starting Out in Journalism” by Nancy L. Day, Margaret A. Engel, Katherine A. Harting, Peggy A. Simpson
“What’s in a Name?” by Katherine A. Harting
“An Open Letter” by Ulla Tegelmark
“Scorecard” by William Eaton

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Tenney K. Lehman
Editorial Assistants
Carin Pratt and Kettee J. Boling
Contributing Editors
Nancy L. Day, Margaret A. Engel, Katherine A. Harting and Peggy A. Simpson
Editorial Chairman
James C. Thomson Jr.
Janice Morgan
Circulation Manager
Noreen Ferrante

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