Nieman Reports

Summer 1954

Why Five Cents Isn't Enough for a Newspaper

Cover for Summer 1954

“Broader and Deeper Coverage” by Edward Lindsay
“The Reader Needs a Ten Cent Newspaper” by Poynter McEvoy
“Handouts to the Country Editor” by Evan Hill
“Science Writers and Polio” by Hart E. Van Riper
“A Psychologist Views the Supreme Court Ruling on Segregation” by Gordon W. Allport
“Newspaper Bias in the 1952 Presidential Campaign” by N. B. Blumberg
“Prejudices of a Broadcaster: About the Problem of Being Informed” by Louis M. Lyons
“American Newspapers: The Next 250 Years” by David Manning White
“The Responsible Editor in a Dizzy World” by Grove Patterson
“Liberalism and the Labor Press” by Max Awner
“Jenkins Ruling Dangerous” by Walter Lippmann

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Louis M. Lyons

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