Nieman Reports

Summer 1952

The Japanese Press - Problem of Freedom

Cover for Summer 1952

“Down Where the People Live” by William F. Johnston
“The Japanese Press (Post-MacArthur” by Robert P. Martin
“Rx For Rules of Thumb” by Clay Schoenfeld
“The Community Weekly — Is It Printshop or Newspaper” by Walter Wilcox
“The Great Untold Story—City Hall” by Oxie Reichler
“The Cult of Incredibility” by David Manning White
“Al Capp Views the Networks” by Al Capp
“The Legacy of Scripps” by Kenneth Stewart and John Tebbell
“It Is a Bigger Job to Get Out a Constructive Newspaper” by Donovan M. Richardson
“Is Press Freedom Infringed by License Tax?” by Robert W. Brown
“When Is a Gift Not a Gift” by Richard L. Neuberger
“Sensible Newswriting” by James E. Sellers
“What More Can a College Do?” by Nat R. Howard
“A Negro Reporter Looks at ‘The Negro Problem'” by William Brower
“When Are Crusades Necessary? Are They Confessions of Papers’ Failures?”

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