Nieman Reports

Spring 1996

Job Cuts Squeeze Newspapers

Cover for Spring 1996

“Feasting on the Seed Corn” by Alex S. Jones
“How Big Should Profits Be?” by John Morton
“Remember Your Firepower: Local News” by Eugene Patterson
“Hiring Explosion at Television Stations” by Bob Papper
“Staff Reductions at U.S. Newspapers in 1994-1995”
“In New York, a Death in the Family” by Peg Finucane
“In Hartford, Empathy From Readers” by Elissa Papirno
“In Sacramento, That Seperate Food Section” by Art Nauman
“In Norfolk, Low-Key Trimming” by Lynn Feigenbaum
“In Winston-Salem, Efficiency Expert” by Seth Effron
“In Portland, Me., Handling Layoffs” by Lou Ureneck
“Shangri-la in Omaha” by Kenneth Freed
“Heaven in Portland, Ore.” by Bryan Denson
“No Free Lunch for Journalists” by William B. Blankenburg”
“Television Salaries Vary Widely” by Bob Papper
“Survival Strategies for J-School Graduates” by Jerome Aumente
“Reporter’s One Commanding Duty” by Murray Kempton
“Scotty Reston on Newspapering” by James Reston
“Lessons of Journalism” by Thomas Friedman
“Bringing News to Kids via Computers” by Katherine King
“Ollie Harrington” by Lester Sloan
“Regional Forms of Tyranny” by Kenneth Y. Best
“Nigeria: The Polarized Press” by Olatunji Dare
“Nigeria: Democracy and a Free Press”
“The Anguish of Covering Africa” by Liz Sly
“South African Broadcasting: Desegregation at Top” by Barney Mthombothi
“South African Dailies: Tensions Abound” by Hennie van Deventer
“Namibia Press: Under Attack” by Gwen Lister
“Should The Be ‘Propoganda for Peace?”
“The Tragedy of Rwanda and Burundi” by Raith Hardjono
“East Africa Doors Unlocking—Except in Kenya” by Charles Onyango-Obbo
“Africa News Online” by Reed Kramer

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