Nieman Reports

Spring 1995

Keeping In Touch

Cover for Spring 1995

How the Media Can Connect With the Public
“The Louisville Courier-Journal” by David Hawpe
“The Chicago Tribune” by George Langford
“The Portland Oregonian” by Sandy Rowe
“The Dallas Morning News” by Ralph Langer
“The San Diego Union-Tribune” by John F. Muncie
“The Richmond Times-Dispatch” by Louise Seals
“The Daily Tribune of Ames, Iowa” by Michael Gartner
“Civic Journalism” by Ed Fouhy and Jan Schaffer
“Empathy” by Lou Ureneck
“Public Opinion and Mid-Term Elections” by Andrew Kohut, Robert C. Toth
“Shoe Leather, Shoe Leather, Shoe Leather” by Haynes Johnson
“How Technology Spoils Reporters” by Paul Delaney
“Reading Society From the Arts Pages” by Charles Champlin
“Fair’s Fair…Or Is It?” by Marilyn J. Matelski
“Talk Radio” by Christopher Lydon
“Ottawa Citizen’s Electronic Line” by Peter Calamai
Foreign Correspondence
“Coming to Terms With Your Fear” by David Brauchli
“Press Suppression in Indonesia” by Murray Seeger
“Shu—A Paradox of Chinese Journalism” by Judy Polumbaum
“Islam and the Dangers Facing Journalists”
“Pressing the Panic Button” by V. V. Eswaran
“The Media, They Say, Helped Chase Them Out” Mark Carter
“The Stepford Anchors” by Anna Martinez
“On Heroes, Feet of Clay and J.W. Fulbright” by James C. Thomson Jr.

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