Nieman Reports

Spring 1992

How Can America's Newspapers Be Saved?

Cover for Spring 1992

“A Challenge to Journalists for Help” by Michael Fancher, Kathleen Criner and James Lessersohn
“What Readers Really Want” by Reid Ashe
“Tyranny of Apathetic” by Jim Willis
“For a New Nation, a New Press” by Jean Gaddy Wilson
Sports and Society
“Beyond the Games” by Tom Witosky
“The Home-Town Team” by Douglas Lederman
“The Auburn Boycott” by Jim Tharpe
“Stop Gambling News” by Michele Himmelberg
“Just for Fun” by Gene Policinski
“Why The National Failed” by Vince Doria
China Beat
“Forget the Stereotype” by Judy Polumbaum
“In Beijing’s Newsrooms” by Liu Binyan
“Foreign Correspondents” by Sarah Lubman
Political Campaign
“Five Ideas for Coverage” by Bill Kovach
“Dissecting the TV Image” by Robert Deutsch
“White House Press Updated” by Stephen Hess
“Journalists as Fiction Writers” by Anne Bernays and Others

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