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Fall 1996


Cover for Fall 1996

“Violent Crime and the Media’s Role” by Michael J. Kirkhorn
“TV Violence and What to Do About It” by George Gerbner
“A Major Public Health Crisis” by Robert E. McAfee
“A Grueling Standard to Live By” by Carole Kneeland
“Trying to Muzzle the Beast” by Diana K. Sugg
“The Test of a Sportswriter” by Bill Dwyre
“A Primer on Covering Victims” by Frank Ochberg
“Tips on Interviewing Victims” by William Coté and Bonnie Bucqueroux
“Race and Violence” by Lester Sloan
“Reporters Are Victims, Too” by Charolette Aiken
“Swimming ‘A Wild, Raging River'” by Roger Simpson
“Why I Turned Down Oprah Winfrey” by Migael Scherer
“Cops on the Edge” by Hubert Williams
“John Chancellor Remembered” by Jon Margolis
“A Shaman Looks at Campaign ’96” by Robert D. Deutsch
“Travails of a Textbook Author” by Melvin Mencher
“Fear, Journalism and Democracy” by Peter Eng
“Satellite TV Transforming Broadcasting” by William Atkins
“The Internet—Screening Out the Flies” by Larry Campbell
“South Asia—Regional Press Thriving” by Vikram Parekh
“East Asia—Media Booming but Leashed” by John Schidlovsky
“India—What’s Murdoch Up To?” by Vinod Mehta
“Pakistan—Transition n Midst of Dramatic Change” by Owais Aslam Ali
“Kashmir—’Between the Devil and the Deep Sea'” by Surinder Singh Oberoi
“Hong Kong Mogul: Keeping Ideals After ’97′” by Judith Clarke
“Taiwan—Relishing but Abusing Freedoms ” by Osman Tseng
“Philippines—Opinionated, Rambunctious” by Sheila S. Coronel
“Malaysia—Media Tightly Prescribed” by Eric Loo
“Thailand—New Setbacks” by Paisal Sricharatchanya
“Teaching Western Journalism” by Geoff Murray

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