Nieman Reports

Fall 1993

Harrison E. Salisbury

Cover for Fall 1993

“A Memorial” by Bill Kovach
“Remembering Harrison” Tributes
“A Pilgrim’s Unending Quest for Truth” by Harrison Salisbury
“Japan’s Feisty New Press” by T.R. Reid
“Scouts Without Compasses” by Sylvia Poggioli
“Reminiscences of East Timor” by Rui Araújo
“Hate Speech—How to Handle It” by William R. Cotter
“Internet as a Journalist’s Tool” by Tom Regan
“The African Media in a Changing Africa”
Fall Reading
“Mad as Hell by Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover”
“Strange Bedfellows by Tom Rosenstiel” by David Nyhan
“Lenin’s Tomb by David Remnick” by Steve Bouser
“The Fifties by David Halberstam” by John Seigenthaler
“Hodding Carter by Ann Waldron” by Brandt Ayers
“Strom Thurmond & The Politics of Souther Change by Nadine Cohodas” by Jack Bass
“Extreme Conditions by John Strohmeyer” by Matthew Zencey
“Paper Soldiers by Clarence Wyatt” by Jack Foisie
“A Sense of Place by David Lamb” by Cassandra Tate
“Volunteer Slavery by Jill Nelson” by Renée Graham
“The Hard Way by Alexander B. Brook” by Loren Ghiglione
Ombudsman: Five Reports on Gay News
“Are There Two Views Or Just One?” by Henry McNulty
“Gay Column Leads to 475 Cancellations” by Louis I. Gelfand
“St. Louis Reacts Vociferously” by Larry Fiquette
“Hostility High in Jacksonville” by Mike Clark
“San Diego Sees Change in Play” by Gina Lubrano

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