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Eryn Carlson

Eryn Carlson is an editorial specialist at Nieman Reports.

Reinventing Local TV News

By and Features April 18, 2018

When the Rev. Billy Graham died in February, Raleigh-based WRAL-TV provided expansive coverage of the famed evangelist’s life and legacy. That was no surprise since, after all, the pastor was a North Carolina native, and—though his funeral was … Read more

Flagging Fake News

By Features April 14, 2017

With reporting by Tamar Wilner The Trust Project Based at California’s Santa Clara University, The Trust Project is led by journalist Sally Lehrman, who conceived the effort with Google News executive Richard Gingras in 2014. Their idea: to develop digital tools and strategies to … Read more

MisinfoCon: A Summit and Creative Studio on Misinformation

By February 24, 2017

Misinformation, though not a new phenomenon, has increasingly infiltrated our news ecosystem, fueled by the speed that information travels and the filter bubbles—both physical and digital—we live in, undermining democratic institutions and affecting citizens in the process. This weekend, the … Read more

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