I learned photography in my father’s studio in Kabul. Under Taliban rule I was arrested five times for “photograph related crimes” and for cutting my beard. I taught the first course at Aïna Photo, teaching students how to use the box camera. I want to show my country’s beauty, and I want to reflect Afghan society through pictures. Now 25, I work in the Aïna Photo department as manager of facilities and also do freelance jobs for the Aïna Photo agency.

Words and photos by Fardin Waezi/Courtesy of Aïna Photo/Afghanistan.

Two workers at a brick-making factory between Kabul and Bagram push the camouflage curtain from an army tank into a ditch to make the fire burn more quickly.

A young beggar girl counts the day’s earnings on the street in front of the Ministry of Information and Culture in Kabul, while her younger sister uses her sandals as a pillow.

Rescue workers and soldiers search for the remains of victims in an Afghan plane crash on Shapiri Ghar Mountain, 20 miles east of Kabul. The Kam Air Boeing 737 crashed on February 3, 2005 killing all 104 people on board.

A World Wrestling Entertainment show is performed for soldiers in Kabul.

An International Security Assistance Force soldier sits in the back of a helicopter with a gun ready. He is patrolling along the Bamian River searching for insurgent activity. October 2006.

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