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Nancy Rhoda

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

The simplest outing can turn into a nightmare for Alice Williams. Her son Joey’s fantasy life takes over as he demands a haircut like that of the Statue of Liberty. His mother tries … Read more

Eli Reed

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

A girl poses at the Benaco refugee camp, Tanzania, 1994. The Benaco refugee camp was set up in Tanzania in late April or early May of 1994, one of the first settled by … Read more

Tobacco and the American Civil Liberties Union

Opinion June 15, 1998

ACLU’s Charges New York To the Editor: Morton Mintz’s latest diatribe against the ACLU only serves to degrade and debase the standards of your magazine, whose stated purpose is “to promote and elevate the standards of … Read more

Indians Left Out

Opinion June 15, 1998

Rapid City, South Dakota To the Editor: I read with interest your “Watchdog” articles in Nieman Reports. I was a little disappointed Indians were excluded. Dealing day in and day out with sovereign nations requires us (the Indian press) to … Read more

The Daily Work of the Media

By From the Curator June 15, 1998

After listening to a day and a half of debate and discussion about the role of watchdog journalism, I am more convinced than ever that this genre of aggressive reporting on issues of public importance is an overlooked and underdeveloped … Read more