“Journey to a New Beginning”
Ed Kashi
From a book to a Web site, from a series of photographs to a digital flipbook, my work—and that of many of my colleagues—is looking anew at the long-standing notion that it is the task of a photographer to capture a decisive moment. In these three multimedia projects, I have been able to tell visual stories in more dimensions and with greater authenticity. This enables me to give a bigger voice to my subjects while experimenting with new forms of self-expression.

Workers subcontracted by Shell Oil Company to clean up an oil spill in Oloibiri, Niger Delta use no safety gear. They are paid $1 a day. Photo by Ed Kashi from the book “Curse of the Black Gold.”

Curse of the Black Gold” is a piece that was conceived not only as a companion to my 2008 book with the same title but as a tool for advocacy and education about what’s happening in the Niger Delta.

Three” is a conceptual piece that Julie Winokur produced as a companion to my newest book, “Three.” It’s a series of triptychs created with images culled from my archive.

Iraqi Kurdistan” is a flipbook coproduced with MediaStorm. With still photographs in motion, it looks at the daily lives of the Kurdish people in northern Iraq.

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