A heroin addict is being injected by his friend on a roadside in Pakistan in the early morning. Photo by Yusuke Harada from “Behind the War on Terror” on SocialDocumentary.net.

“Documentary Photography”

– Glenn Ruga
SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) was founded on the belief that documentary photographers can play a valuable role in raising awareness about complex global issues.

Often a photographer will spend years on the ground immersed in the culture, geography and politics of a situation. The photographer’s work might be purchased by a newspaper, magazine or Web site to illustrate an article, but almost invariably the photo is used to illustrate a point conceived by the buyer of the image and the photographer has little or no control over the writing and editing.

Our Web site was conceived to honor the integrity of the photographic image and the insights of photographers from around the world. SDN charges a nominal fee to photographers who create online exhibits, accompanied by their own words. Visitors include photo editors, curators, researchers, students, and the general public interested in photography and global issues.

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