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Threats Against Journalists on the Rise

Nearly half of respondents report facing legal threats in first investigation of its kind from the Tow Center for Digital Journalism


Three Years Later, Covid-19 Is Still a Health Threat. Journalism Needs to Reflect That

Too much coverage minimizes the health risks researchers attribute to the virus


What the Media’s (Still) Getting Wrong About Covid

From our April newsletter: How media coverage about Covid minimizes the health risks researchers attribute to the virus


How a Trip to Angola Helped One Reporter Tell the Story of Race in America

Deborah Barfield Berry, NF '23, on covering slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and the murder of George Floyd


Why Retired Journalists Are Jumping Back into the Profession

They're founding startups, coaching young reporters, and serving on boards to bridge the gap left by the industry's contraction

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At the Intersection of Journalism and Trauma

Lisa Krantz, NF ’20, is on a quest to minimize the harm journalists do to trauma survivors

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“Climate Change is Probably the Hardest Problem of Our Time”

Professor Daniel P. Schrag on the obstacles to solving climate change, climate optimism, and adaptation


Journalists Once Defended Fox as a News Outlet. But That Was Then

The Dominion lawsuit has exposed the network as an entertainment channel

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Channeling Lucille Ball

Dale Maharidge, NF ’88, researched the television pioneer for Turner Classic Movies


Forced to Flee: How Exiled Journalists Hold the Powerful to Account

As press freedoms around the globe erode, journalists are building networks outside their home countries to continue reporting


A Trump Arrest Wouldn’t Just Be a Political Story

Journalists need to explain the context of the former president's actions


Covering Covid-19 in the Pandemic’s Fourth Year

Latin American journalists met reporting challenges in the pandemic’s early days. Their work offers lessons for future coverage