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Journalist’s Trade

Can Journalism Be Both Impartial and Empathetic?

Research conducted at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School suggests reporters who favor impartiality and those who favor empathy share a desire to refocus journalism on citizens


As Erdoğan Cracks Down, Turkey’s Independent Journalists Need Digital Skills and Business Acumen

“Turkey’s mainstream media has imploded, and it will not come back even after Erdoğan”

Opinion: Ethics

Trump’s Presidency Isn’t Normal. Journalists Should Stop Reporting As If It Is

It’s time to start pointing out just how abnormal the Trump era has been


In Photographing Social Justice Protests, Respect Means ‘Looking Again’

Dear Journalism: If visual journalists privilege conflict over collaboration and community, we fail in our duties as witness, truthful storyteller, and concerned citizen


As the November Election Approaches, Are Newsrooms Ready for Guccifer 3.0?

Russian, Chinese, and Iranian disinformation campaigns are targeting the November vote. Journalists need to figure out how to responsibly handle hack-and-leak operations like those that marred the 2016 ballot


Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and “The Pipeline Problem”

Dear Journalism: Beyond public statements, commit to building the relationships needed to broaden your work and workplace’s look, feel, and sound

From the Curator

Nieman Isn’t Waiting for the Coronavirus to Grant Permission to Do Our Work

The Nieman Foundation is reimagining the fellowship experience to help journalists emerge stronger from the historic challenges and opportunities facing journalism


In Africa, Press Freedom Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

Recent incidents, including Hopewell Chino’ono’s arrest and government repression of coronavirus-related news, underscore the perilous state of freedom of the press in many African nations


What Hopewell Chin’ono’s Arrest Says about the Free Press in Zimbabwe

The new regime in Zimbabwe continues the country’s legacy of intimidation and targeting of journalists, including Nieman fellow Hopewell Chin’ono


Learning from Little Rock: A Look at Black Lives Matter Protests and the Role of Local News

Coverage of protests in Arkansas’ capital highlights the fraught relationship between local newsrooms and the communities they cover


Reporting and Resilience: How Journalists Are Managing Their Mental Health

Amidst a global pandemic, racial tumult, and decimated newsrooms, journalists are learning how to cope so they can keep reporting

Journalist’s Trade

Timeline: Milestones of the Black Press in the U.S.

Highlights from history of the Black press show its enduring importance