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Reporting at Risk

In Mexico, A Mix of Violence and Economics Threatens Local News Organizations

Newspapers once had the financial strength to resist pressure from politicians looking for favorable coverage. That independence is in danger


How Misinformation Helped Fuel a Public Health Crisis

A new book argues that Covid-19 also spurred an “infodemic” as governments censored critical public health information

Reporting at Risk

En México, una mezcla de violencia y falta de recursos amenaza a la industria de las noticias

Los periódicos alguna vez tuvieron el respaldo económico para resistir las presiones de los políticos que buscaban cobertura favorable. Esa independencia está en peligro


How to Democratize News for the Public Good

Journalism is damaged when we treat it as a commodity


Don’t Look Away: Photojournalists Are Documenting the Brutality of Russia’s War in Ukraine

There are layers to bearing witness, from the war's victims, to journalists in the field, to readers like you

Live @ Lippmann

Dr. Ashish Jha on Bracing for the Pandemic’s Third Year

The leading public health expert discusses the press’ role in relaying public health directives, combating misinformation, and more

From the Curator

In Putin’s War on Ukraine, Journalists Are Targets, Too

Brent Renaud, a Nieman Fellow killed in Ukraine while working on a documentary about refugees, practiced a journalism of humility, humanity, and empathy


Covering The War in Ukraine: “The Putin Regime Doesn’t Want Eye Witnesses”

Prior to the invasion, few Ukrainian journalists had experience working in conflict zones. Now the war has come to their homes


It’s Time for Journalists to Talk Climate Change Solutions

News organizations have gotten better at saying “it’s real” but seem less ready to tell people “there’s hope”


Serious Problems Demand Serious Data

Polling standards are the antidote to bad survey data


The Midterms Are Coming. Here’s How to Cover Polling

In an age of hyper-partisanship, adding context to survey data is key to giving audiences the full picture