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Redefining What It Means to Cover War

Reporting on not just war but “people’s extraordinary bravery [and] their creativity in the face of complete devastation”


With Fresh Start, The Boston Globe Weighs News Value of Older Articles Versus Individual Harm

“We can’t dogmatically hold on to outdated practices and standards … in the face of changing circumstances”


With the Loss of Physical Newsrooms, How are Young Journalists Faring?

Reporters just starting in their careers on finding mentors and collaborators in a time of Covid


True Newsroom Diversity Must Account for Disability Status, Too

Disabled people make up 20% of the U.S. population but take up little space on mastheads and in coverage. Why?


The Complexity of Reporting on Age, Race, and the Covid-19 Vaccine

When it comes to Covid vaccinations, journalists must understand and convey the complicated interplay of age and race

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Criminal Justice Reporter Wesley Lowery Asks, What if the Process Itself is Unfair?

“In some ways, our job as journalists is to monitor and referee not just the people but the process”


Public Exchanges on Race Are Healthy for News Outlets and Audiences

Controversy over a New York Times reporter’s use of a racial slur should encourage newsroom discussion of race


4 Ways to Increase the Diversity of Your Sources

Understanding the barriers to increasing source diversity is key to overcoming them


Spanning Beats, Environmental Justice Reporting Influences Every Story

By connecting systemic inequities to environmental harms, environmental justice reporting covers everything from race and housing to healthcare and immigration

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The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos: “Approach Washington with a Healthy Degree of Alarm”

The Biden biographer on the state of the political press and covering Trump and the far-right