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Sued for Doing Journalism

How reporters are countering public officials who use lawsuits to suppress public records requests


Is It OK for Journalists To Hold Back Scoops for Books?

A spate of Trump titles sparks debate about the ethics of withholding vital reporting for books


The Contradictions of Journalistic Objectivity

From our October newsletter: Objectivity isn’t serving journalism or communities if it’s just another name for my own or someone else’s preferred biases


Navigating Elon Musk’s Twitterpocalypse

Twitter has had its problems, but the new direction could both spell trouble and be an opportunity for news organizations


Everyone Is a Climate Reporter Now

That’s why journalism schools need to incorporate climate science reporting into their standard curricula


It’s Time to Abandon the ‘Police Say’ Headline Format

When reporting on life-or-death matters, community sources are just as important as police statements

Live @ Lippmann

Threats to Democracy Are One of the “Existential Challenges” of Our Time. Here’s How to Cover Them

Freedom House’s Michael Abramowitz and The Washington Post’s Matea Gold on the state of democracy now and where journalists can go from here


“The Amount of Violence is Astonishing”: Why Threats to Journalists are Increasing in Iran

As protests following the death of Mahsa Amini continue, the government's desperation to crack down on dissent is intensifying


Journalistic Objectivity Is Overrated. What Really Matters Is Transparency, Accuracy, and Fairness

How Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign and Nina Totenberg’s memoir helped me clarify my thinking about journalistic ethics


As Journalists, We Need to Change the Way We Cover Disasters

Fewer tragic narratives about survivors, more stories about the causes of coastal disasters and who benefits from government rebuilding grants


“Journalism Is the Way to Act”: Why NPR Launched Its New Climate Desk

Andrea Kissack and Neela Banerjee on NPR’s ambitions for its dedicated climate desk


How to Support Journalists Experiencing Online Harassment

The International Women’s Media Foundation released a new guide designed help newsrooms navigate the abuse