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Capturing Quiet Acts of Resistance

By Diversity June 11, 2015

My objective as a visual storyteller is to connect with individuals and families on an intimate level, especially if this leads to long-term trusted relationships. When collaborators find a level of vulnerability that allows them to reveal unseen aspects … Read more

Why Newsroom Diversity Works

By Diversity June 10, 2015

The news industry has been talking about diversity for decades, but the talk, many say, often has not been followed by action. “The needles never really seem to move,” says Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter covering racial injustice for The … Read more

What Often Goes Unsaid

By Diversity October 3, 2011

The racial dynamic of what happens inside a newsroom is ‘an elusive if contentious subject that seldom rises to become a topic of media forums or workshops—except when minority journalists come together to talk.’ Read more

Carl Sandburg’s Reporting Foretold the Chicago Race Riots of 1919

By Diversity September 13, 2011

“Diversity fatigue has been alive and well in America's news industry for many years,” writes Milton Coleman, a senior editor at The Washington Post and an organizer of Leadership in Diversity: New Models for Growing Audience, Talent and Revenues, a two-part conference taking place this year. Racial practices in newsrooms disquiet blacks, but discussions about them surface mostly among minority journalists. As black journalists leave mainstream news organizations for websites, issues of financial viability, resources for reporting, and their site’s impact follow them. Read more

Here’s What People Want to Know: Why Do Journalists Tell These Stories?

By Diversity September 12, 2011

Why is what happened then considered news today? Why stir up memories of events that were long ago put to rest? Hank Klibanoff, author of “The Race Beat” and managing editor of the Civil Rights Cold Case Project, leads off our collection of stories by writing about how people want to know what compels journalists to dig into racial crimes from a distant era. Others involved with this project—and two reporters who covered the civil rights movement—write about the importance of not forgetting. Read more