Nieman Reports

Winter 1976 - Spring 1977

America's Capacity to Think

Cover for Winter 1976 - Spring 1977

“Guest Editorial: The Nature of Political Liberty” by Vermont Royster
“America’s Capacity to Think” by Karl Deutsch
“Hungary: Twenty Years Later” by Ron Javers
“Report of an Exaggerated Death” by Ben H. Bagdikian
“Daly on Daley; Daley on the Press” by Charles U. Daly and Richard J. Daley
“New England Conference on Conflicts Between the Media and the Law”
“A Third World View of the American Press” by M. G. G. Pillai
“In Britain, Ratings Are Not Everything” by John F. Day
“A German Hears Noisy America” by Gunter Haaf

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman

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