Nieman Reports

Winter 1961

Special Issue on Africa

Cover for Winter 1961

“The New Africans …” by Lewis Nkosi
“Congo: Reporter’s Nightmare” by Henry Tanner
“The English Press Under Apartheid” by Aubry Sussens
“The Afrikaans Press: Voice of Nationalism” by Sebastiaan J. Kleu
“Leave Them Alone and They’ll Come Home: A Foreign Policy For Africa” by Clark R. Mollenhoff
“How the French Came to Algeria” by Edward Behr
“Leads Grow Shorter” by Max Hall
“Bias in the 1960 Presidential Election Campaign” by Robert E Blackmon
“Reporting the Campaign” by Theodore H. White
“Journalism Education: A Student’s View” by June Gladfelter
“Canada Reads American—and Worries Over It” by Louis M. Lyons
“Wire Service Nationalism and Its Consequences” by Robert H. Sollen
“The Luckies Fellow” by Charles-Gene McDaniel
“Continuing Criticism of the Press” by Frank K. Kelly

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Louis M. Lyons

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