Nieman Reports

Winter 1959

Behemoths of Fleet Street

Cover for Winter 1959

“Behemoths of Fleet Street” by Donald J. Sterling, Jr.
“A World Forum for Press Freedom: The IPI After Eight Years — Report on its Berlin Assembly” by Edward J. Walsh
“Invasion of Privacy in the Codes of Journalists” by Ignaz Rothenberg
“Has The Press Lost Influence in Local Affairs?” by Alvin J. Remmenga
“The Non-Articulating Economists” by Henri Maurice Peyre
“Television and the Press: The Square Eye vs. The Written Word” by Malcolm Muggeridge
“Newspapers in Crisis” by Barry Bingham
“Packaged Pundits of America” by Patrick O’Donovan
“Why They Line Up to Emigrate from ‘Paradise:’ It’s a Good Land with Fine Climate But Lacks Opportunity, Says Newsman” by Desmond Stone

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