Nieman Reports

Summer - Fall 1977

Masses and Classes in Communication

Cover for Summer - Fall 1977

“Editorial: ‘African Nemesis?'”
“Ragtime Revisited” by E.L. Doctorow and Joseph Papaleo
“Rust Around the Iron Curtain” by Murray Seeger
“Holy Moses” by Morton Mintz
“How Television Reports Conflicts” by Zvi Dor-Ner
“Masses and Classes in Communication” by Richard C. Wald
“The Walter Lippmann Memorial Fund”
“Press Freedom: Courtroom v. Newsroom” by Curt Matthews
“The Press Emergency in India” by Cushrow R. Irani
“Portugal’s Press at a Crossroads” by Milton Hollstein
“How Thai Newspapers View Themselves” by Guy B. Scandlen and Kenneth Winkler

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman
Circulation Manager
Noreen Ferrante

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