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Summer 1996

Getting It Right Is Not Enough

Cover for Summer 1996

“Getting It Right Is Not Enough” by John Seigenthaler
“No More ‘Black Holes'” by John Hohenberg
“Problems and Possibilities” by Mickey Edwards
“Solving Problems, Listening to Local Voters” by Cole C. Campbell
“THree Letters to the Editor”
“Downsizing? So What?”
“Lead, Follow and Get Out of the Way” by William M. Boyd II
“New Media Offer Growing Job Prospects” by John Pavlik
“It’s Time to Tell the Bloody Truth” by Lorie Conway
“Two Publications Battle for COngress’s Eye” by William J. Eaton
“Raymond T. Bonner Receives Lyons Award”
“United Nations Threat to Media Freedom” by Jane E. Kirtley
“A Media Blizzard Overwhelms Europe” by Josephine Schmidt
“Russia Media at Risk in Election” by Alexander Pumpyansky
“Ukraine Startup Faces Tough Going” by Julia E. Seidler
“Czech Media: Democratic or Anti-Communist” by Beverly Wachtel
“One-Man Control in Belarus” by Vera Rich
“Russian Hinterland Shows Vitality” by Nicholas Daniloff
“A Pole Returns to Political Reporting” by Andrzej Wroblewski
“A Magyar Melange” by Marvin Stone
“Romania’s Struggling Press” by Kenneth Starck
“No Peace Dividend for Balkan Press” by Marvin Stone
“Albanian Print Free, Not TV or Radio” by Robert Elsie
“Multi-Ethnic Reporting in Macedonia” by Denise Hamilton

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