Nieman Reports

Summer 1985

A Washington Perspective: The Rise of the Professional Specialist

Cover for Summer 1985

“The Wedge and the Rock” by Tenney B. K. Lehman
“A Washington Perspective: The Rise of the Professional Specialist” by Stephen Hess
“South Africa: Is Change Proceeding Fast Enough?” by Jack Foisie
“The Closing of the Rand Daily Mail” by Allister Sparks
“After Westmoreland and Sharon: The Media, Public Figures, and the First Amendment” by Eugene Roberts
“Reporting from an Alien Landscape” by Edward Walsh
“Media Power and the Dangers of Mass Information” by Michael J. O’Neill
“Blossoms from the Iron Tree” by M.G.G. Pillai
“The Missing Agenda” by Dana Bullen

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Howard Simons
Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Consulting Editor
Nancy Day
Editorial Assistant
Elizabeth Tibbitts
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Jan Morgan

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