Nieman Reports

Summer 1964

The Press and Foreign Policy

Cover for Summer 1964

“A Case of Imbalance: Canada and the United States”
“Crossed Swords and Spilled Ink: The Press and Foreign Policy” by Robert J. Manning
“We Need More Sharply-Pointed Newspapers: ‘The Danger Today Is Too Little Involvement, Not Too Much'” by Dwight E. Sargent
“Interpreting the Soviets: A Criticism of Reporting from Moscow” by Henry Shapiro
“Local TV Tries More News” by Murray Seeger
“Reporting Asia” by Chanchal Sarkar
“A Lost Prize”
“A Code on Pre-Trial Publicity”
“How Public Must The Public Schools Be?” by S. P. Marland, Jr.
“Dwight ~Sargent Heads Nieman Program: ‘Trib Editor Named as Lyons Retires”
“State of Maine Man”
“Stephen E. Fitzgerald 1909-1964”

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